Online-Formular für Masterstudiengänge


Dear Applicant,

On the following pages you will apply for a study place in the master programme “Advanced Materials” (AM), “Biophysics” (BP), “Chemical Engineering” (CE) or “Energy Science and Technology” (EST). The application for the following winter semester 2020/2021 is open

from 16th January 2020 until 15th March 2020

The complete application procedure comprises three parts:

  1. Online application/registration (which you have just started)
    You will enter data and submit it online. By clicking on “data view” you can take a look at the data entered at each stage. At the end of the registration procedure you can print the complete “data view” for your records.
  2. Application form
    You will get access to the application form at the end of the registration procedure. Please download and save the form. Finish the registration procedure first and then take your time to complete the form on your computer. Send it by e-mail to respective e-mail address of Ulm University.
  3. Application package (documents to be sent by regular mail or upload)

All necessary information on how to complete the application form correctly, to what e-mail address to send it and which documents to include in your application package is available on the homepage of AM, BP, CE and EST.

Please be aware that your application will not be processed and evaluated if you don’t follow the required steps for online registration, fill in all forms correctly or if the documents you send are incomplete.

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